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Mushroom Festival


The Telluride Mushroom Festival (TMF) is a can’t-miss 44 year old event(!!!) happening every third weekend of August in Telluride, Colorado. It’s a weekend of mushroom love, community connection and fungi everything. You can expect expert hosted forays to ID mushrooms in the great San Juan Wilderness, talks from world renown mycologists, a foundation of the fest rooted off psychedelics and its current resurgence, large community gatherings, culinary delights, dozens of mushroom vendors and of course the world renown Telluride Mushroom Festival parade. TMF has a lineage that goes well beyond new age mushroom renaissance, our founders include Manny Salzman, Gary Lincoff, Andy Weil, Paul Stamets and more. Every year the festival attracts 1000’s of fungi fans from across the world. Learn more about the festival by watching our video and clicking on the tabs below.


Come for the Mushrooms stay for the Fungal Family

You may be thinking, why come to the TMF? Many of our longest attending friends came initially for mushroom knowledge, lectures in mycology or the epic vacation to see Telluride Colorado in its summer bloom. Many will tell you that isn’t why they keep coming back. Not many experiences bring together such rad humans as the TMF. Don’t be surprised if you leave having met life long mates or quickly decide to quit your job and devote your life to mushrooms. It’s all possible in this crazy vortex of a box canyon. If it’s possible, we’ve heard it. If it doesn’t seem possible, likely you’ll experience that here too.

What can you expect from the TMF?
In essence, The Telluride Mushroom Fest is changing and growing, but how? With more and more interest every year, how do we want to sustainably change and grow as a festival? Our main desire is to pursue growth by creating depth, authenticity, and community connection.

This year our goal is to create additional spaces to facilitate connection through conversation, sharing circles, expert-guided forays, and experience-based workshops with less long-format lectures. Our intention is to partner with more aligned sponsors to support the festival. TMF then supports small business mushroom related vendors in our core area in the heart of Telluride. Everything is walkable, gondola-able, or a quick ride with a friend to find some of the best mushrooms popping in the America. We create sustainable experiences through locally connecting everything, the whole experience, in one small town box canyon in the middle of some of USA’s most dramatic mountain sceneries.

Forays and Outdoor Activities
In addition to doubling our forays we will be providing outdoor workshops and new outdoor venue spaces! The free activities such as our mushroom ID tent, vendor booths, and outdoor free workshop demonstrations are a must see. See the Festival FAQ tab for more detailed information on this years’ forays.

If you are interested in mushrooming in Telluride, Gary Lincoff’s Telluride Mushroom Checklist is a must-read.

The Parade
The parade is a favorite among festival goers. Be sure to bring your best costume making skills to the parade or prepare in advance. The town of Telluride quite literally shuts down to 1000’s of mushroom decorated costumes marching down Main Street to music, dancers and our Amanita-mobile. This all culminates in a wild drum circle at the end of town, where drumming and dancing goes into the evening. Afterwards we wear our costumes to the new and unusual Puff Ball dance party hosted by Hamilton’s Mushrooms.

Special Events
Special Events or such as the Wild Foods Dinner and other larger gatherings are on for 2024! These tickets (which are extra above a full festival pass) will be available for purchase, and are sold individually per event, on our Passes page. If you have extra time before the festival see all of our Pre-Fest events meant to give you a more intimate time with our festival presenters.

How To Mush Fest
We have so many wonderful workshops, lectures, forays, and new events at this years festival and hope you are able to enjoy as much as you can absorb!  From pass-pick up and registration to parade details, find everything you need to know about making the most of your festival experience on our How To Mush Fest page.







Aug 14 - 18 2024


10:00 am - 9:00 pm