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Special Community Screening of Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there) Road Show

Special Community Screening of Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there) Road Show. The reception will start at 5:30 pm and the show will begin at 6:30 pm. Admission is a $10 suggested donation.

Telluride Science, Mountainfilm, and The Telluride Foundation and are excited to partner in presenting a special community screening of Roots So Deep at the Sheridan Opera House. This important program focuses on innovation in regenerative farming and scientific solutions for our collective future. Join us for a night of free programming and engaging conversation.

Roots So Deep is a four-part documentary series all about inventive farmers and maverick scientists building a path to solving climate change with hooves, heart and soil. For this special screening, we will be showing parts one and four.

Can a novel way to graze cattle that mimics the way bison once roamed the land help get farmers out of debt, restore our depleted soils, rebuild wildlife habitat and draw down huge amounts of carbon? Cattle have been seen as eco-villains for a long time… What if they can help save us from catastrophic climate change?

Roots So Deep is guided by director and wrangler of scientists Peter Byck as he meets farmers on both sides of the fence – the folks practicing a new way to graze, and their neighbors set in their family’s old style of doing things. Byck’s team of outcast scientists are measuring what’s happening on both sides of the fences, exploring if this new, adaptive grazing could help slow down climate change.

And one question looms over the whole series: even if the science shows that the new way to graze is better for the land and the farmers’ pocket books, will the old-school farmers change? Will they adopt the new methods? Will they evolve into climate heroes?

This screening is followed by a discussion with director Peter Byck. Byck is Professor of Practice in the School of Sustainability and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Byck was also the writer, director and producer of Carbon Nation and Garbage.

Please visit our rental page for the entire historic Sheridan Opera House HERE or just the SHOW Bar HERE to see if they are right for your event or call Executive Director Ronnie Palamar at 970.728.6363 ext. 1.


Aug 21 2023