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Events & Weddings

The historic Sheridan Opera House is a charming and intimate venue centrally located in stunning Telluride, Colorado and perfect for events and weddings. The 111-year-old theater is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and ideal for groups looking to celebrate a special occasion in a unique space full of character.  The pink lights surrounding the stage, original woodwork, art nouveau stenciling and century-old painted olio curtain will help your event become unforgettable.

Site fee starts at $7,500 per day. Contact us to book your wedding or special event.

Take a virtual tour of the entire Sheridan Opera House HERE. Please note that seats on the main floor can be removed.

Virtual Tour

We loved having our wedding at the Sheridan Opera House. The space has been preserved from the early days of Telluride and provided our guests with an entirely unique atmosphere. We also loved the flow between the Show Bar, main level and balcony.

CARLY LATCHAMTelluride Bride


Location location location! In addition to the charm of the historic interior, the Sheridan Opera House is centrally located in Telluride and just a few blocks from the Gondola. Guests can stay in Mountain Village or Telluride and easily walk to the venue.


The Sheridan Opera House is home to over 70 nights of programming a year. We can assist in booking nationally known entertainment.


Tables, chairs and more are included with the rental of the site.


The theater is equipped with a stage, sound system, light system, projector and movie screen.


The recently updated SHOW and SideSHOW bars provide full liquor service in two locations on-site.


The Sheridan Opera House will provide clients with a preferred vendor list for event planners, DJs, bands, florists, caterers, cakes and photographers who are familiar with the space. Our staff has over 35 years combined experience producing events at the Opera House.

The Sheridan Opera House

The Sheridan Opera House is equipped with a full bar, stage, movie screen and optional dance floor. This space is ideal for events of 100 people or less for a seated dinner followed by dancing, or can accommodate up to 265 people for birthday parties, corporate events, anniversaries and more for seats-out events; our balcony is always seated.

After groups make their deposit, they are supplied with a list of local vendors who have years of experience working high-end events at the Sheridan Opera House. The recently updated SHOW Bar supplies on-site high-end liquor service and a smaller space for cocktail hour, toasts and cake cutting. The Sheridan Opera House is three blocks from the gondola to Mountain Village and only steps from Main Street in downtown Telluride.

The Opera House is stunning and an integral part of Telluride's history! The venue is romantic, photogenic and will stand out in guests' memories for a long time. All of the crew were a dream to work with, and I could tell they genuinely cared about making my wedding special.

ANNEKA SHANNOTelluride Bride


Contact Us to Book

Before getting in touch, please check our upcoming event calendar to make sure your dates are available. Then, give us a call or send an email to find out more! or 970.728.6363 ext. 1

Email to BookCall to Book (ext. 1)


  • Site fee starts at $6,000 per day.
  • Additional packages and services are available for an extra fee.
  • To see a full list of options available, click here.



  • Stage Without Thrust: 20′ wide x 12′ deep
  • Stage With Thrust: 20′ wide x 20′ deep (Rows A and B must be removed for this configuration and thrust is available on a limited basis and only available for theatrical productions)
  • Stage Right Wing: 8′ wide x 6′ deep
  • Stage Left Wing: 4′ wide x 6′ deep
  • Main Floor Sq. Footage Without Thrust: 1,209 sq. ft


The Sheridan Opera House has the unique ability to host events that require full theater seating, partial theater seating, cabaret seating, or even no seating at all depending on our schedule. Building capacity ranges from 238-265 people. Please see the venue measurements and diagrams with respective capacities below.

Minor variations on these basic layouts can be made; but changes must be approved prior to the event. A 20′ wide X 8′ deep “thrust” or stage extension is available on a limited basis. This configuration works particularly well for theatrical performances and weddings which often require additional on-stage space.

Please note that installing the thrust does require the removal of Rows A and B on the main floor which will reduce seating capacity by twenty.


  • Main Floor: 191 Standing Room Only – No Seats
  • Balcony: 74 Seats
  • Total: 265


  • Main Floor: 164 seats
  • Balcony: 74 Seats
  • Total: 238
  • There are no standing room seats for this configuration


  • Main Floor Theater Seats: 133 seats
  • Main Floor Table (4 per table) Seats: 32 seats
  • Balcony: 74 Seats
  • Total: 239
  • There are no standing room seats for this configuration


  • Main Floor: 133 Seats
  • Standing Room: 58 Standing
  • Balcony: 74 Seats
  • Total: 265


  • Main Floor: 136 seats
  • Balcony: 74 Seats
  • Total: 210
  • There are no standing room seats and Rows A and B must be removed for this configuration
  • Young People’s Theater only


With top of the line Yamaha, Crest, Meyers and EAW sound equipment, the Sheridan Opera House delivers amazing sound quality to both audiences and entertainers alike. The Opera House also offers select pieces of backline equipment which are only available for rent and use at the venue. If additional equipment is necessary, most items can be rented locally or regionally for a reasonable price. Our stage is 20’x12′ (PA is stacked on stage, no sound wings)


  • Console: Yamaha M7CL-32
  • Mains: (2) Meyer CQ-1 (1 per side)
  • Sub: (1) Meyer 650P (center)
  • Balcony: (2) Meyer UPM-1P (1 per side)
  • Processor: dbx Venue 360


  • 6 mixes from FOH
  • (4)-EAW SM500
  • (4)- EV FM1501ER
  • Crown K2 power amps


  • (1) Shure Beta 52a
  • (1) Shur Beta 91a
  • (2) Shure Beta 58a
  • (8) Shure SM58
  • (6) Shure SM57
  • (1) Shure SM 81
  • (6) Audio Technica 4041
  • (2) AKG D112
  • (5) Senheiser e604
  • (2) Rhodes NT5
  • (2) Radial ProDI
  • (1) Radial D2
  • (2) Countryman Type 85 DI


  • (12)-Tall boom
  • (10)-Short boom
  • (4)-straight


  • (7)-various types
  • (6)-Ultimate guitar stand G-S 100

*All AC Power is accomplished via 110 volt-3 phase distribution.

Backline Available

Backline equipment is available upon request. Please talk to our staff about our backline rentals/availability.


  • (1)-Ben Q SP 891 Digital Projector-1080P resolution-4500 Lumens (VGA, YUV and HDMI connections available)
  • (1)-MacBook pro


The Sheridan Opera House offers 34 channels of dimming in total with the following fixtures:

  • (24)-500 watt Par 64’s
  • (3)-500 watt Fresnel’s
  • (6)-750 watt Source 4 Leko’s
  • (8)-500 watt Source 4 Par’s (normal, wide, extra wide lenses, barn doors)
  • (1)-Lycian Midget 1206 follow spot


  • (1)-Leprecon lighting board LP 1536
  • (1)-Leprecon lighting board LP 1524
  • There are two 30 foot mechanized electrics over stage along with two 20 foot fixed electrics over house and two 10 foot fixed side-lighting electrics on either side of the house. All dimmers, snakes, and fixtures have Edison ends.


Our artists’ green room is located directly off stage left. Amenities include mini-fridge, water cooler, coffee maker, teapot, iron, ironing board, coat rack, couch, toilet facilities, sink and mirror. There are NO shower facilities. The green room doors are fully lockable and secure. Wi-fi is available throughout the building.


The main stage is located on the second floor of the building accessible via the alley fire escape (83″ high x35″ wide) or the main front double doors (82″Hx69″W). Parking arrangements should be discussed while advancing the show with the production manager – this is especially important for tour buses. Shore power may be available if discussed in advance.



Who Should I Call To Book The Opera House For A Private Rental Or Event For My Organization?
Ronnie Palamar, the executive director of the Sheridan Arts Foundation, is in charge of booking all rentals and programming for our own productions. Please give her a call at (970)728-6363 ext. 1 to set up an appointment or discuss over the phone. Checking our calendar ahead of time is always a good idea to see if we are available on the date you have in mind.

Do You Have Weddings At Your Venue?
Yes! We are Telluride’s premier intimate wedding venue. Please call our Executive Director Ronnie Palamar at (970)728-6363 ext. 1 for more information about event dates, prices etc. and visit our private rental website

Can You Plan My Wedding For Me At The Opera House?
We can help plan any private rental at the Sheridan Opera House However we request that all weddings held at our venue have a wedding planner. We also have a list of experienced preferred vendors we provide when guests have made their deposit. We can also assist for $75/hr.

Do You Have A Kitchen On-Site?
No, we do not have a kitchen in the Opera House, but all local caterers are extremely familiar with the space and able to adjust accordingly. We have comfortably hosted seated dinners for 120 people with no issues.

If I Cancel My Rental Date, Can I Get My Deposit Back?
No, all deposits are non-refundable. Once we get your deposit we will hold the date for you which means we are unable to book another event on your held date.

Can I Bring In Outside Alcohol To My Event At The Opera House?
No, the Sheridan Opera House operates their own liquor license. It is illegal to bring in any outside alcohol, whether for a private event or concert, to our premises. Our SHOW Bar and SideSHOW Bar provide high-end liquor service. We also supply our own bartenders. We have multiple bar packages available when you book the Sheridan Opera House from hosted bars to cash bars. You are welcome to bring your drink purchased from the SHOW or SideSHOW Bars into the theater during concerts or performances.

Renting the Sheridan Opera House for your event includes rental of the SHOW Bar.