Can I come tour the Opera House?

During the pandemic, we do not have normal operating hours. Please reach out to Executive Director Ronnie Palamar at ext. 1 to schedule a time to tour the building.

We don't offer official tours of the Opera House onsite, but the Sheridan Opera House is part of the historic walking tour through the Telluride Historical Museum. Our staff is also happy to show you around if we have time. Our office hours are M-F 9 a.m-5 p.m., and in general the theater is open to the public to view during those office hours. However, we often have private rentals or rehearsals, so we kindly ask that you poke your head in to the our office on the third floor to make sure it's ok before entering the theater. If you are leading a tour group, please double check with us that the theater is available in advance, as groups entering the building can be especially disruptive during play rehearsals or if we have a private event.