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What If I Cannot Make the Show? 
If you are not able to attend last-minute, please contact the box office so we can accommodate people who would like to come to the show but did not get tickets on time. We cannot offer refunds, but we appreciate your consideration so we don’t have people waiting to get in.

What If I Want to Transfer My Ticket to Another Person?
If you give away or sell your tickets, please email to notify the box office that you need the name on the ticket order changed. Only the name on the entire order can be changed, so if you are splitting up the order between multiple people please send each ticket holder the E-ticket that they will be using and tell them to pick the tickets up under your name.

Do You Offer Refunds?
All of our tickets are final sale. You can donate your tickets back to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization or gift/sell your tickets to someone else. If you sell or gift your tickets to someone else, please refer to the “What If I Want to Transfer My Tickets to Another Person?” question above.

I Didn’t Receive An Email Confirmation When I Ordered Tickets Online, Do I Have Tickets?
If you did not receive an email, you do not have tickets to a show. Please call our office ASAP to see if the transaction went through. Even if a charge showed up on your credit card, it might have been declined in our ticketing system because of an address mismatch.

Why Do You Have A Ticketing Fee Instead Of Just Including It In The Ticket Price?
The $5 ticketing fee covers the cost of us selling tickets and maintaining a ticketing system. The additional $5 cannot be advertised as part of the ticket price because the artist does not negotiate their fee with the $5 included in the agreed upon ticketing price.

Do You Charge A Ticketing Fee When You Buy Tickets At Box Office Or In The Office?
Yes, we charge a $5 ticketing fee for all tickets at all sales outlets, including online, in person or over the phone.

Do You Start Wait Lists For Sold Out Shows?
No, we do not start wait lists. We always encourage people to come to Box Office when doors open for a show to see if someone has returned their tickets. We do not release tickets after a certain time in a show as often people show up late. Waiting patiently outside of the Opera House for people to sell their own extra tickets usually results in getting in to a show.

Do You Sell Tickets For Telluride Theatre’s Burlesque, Telluride Film Fest, Bluegrass, The Ride Festival Or Blues And Brews Late Night Shows?
We do not handle ticketing for the events listed above, as they are rentals of the Sheridan Opera House and not Sheridan Arts Foundation-produced events. All relevant ticketing information is available on our website for individual events. If you are looking to rent the Opera House, we can host ticketing for your event for a $75 flat fee and $5 per ticket. Customers can then buy tickets to your event in our office, on our website or over the phone. We also provide a box office employee to run ticketing the night of the show.

Can I Sit In The SHOW Bar During A Concert If I Don’t Have A Ticket?
No, the SHOW Bar is only open to ticket purchasers during concerts, not the public. We have live feeds directly from the theater to our TVs in the bar so concert goers don’t miss a moment of our shows.

Do You Sell Tickets To Your Shows On Any Other Platform Than Your Website?
No! We do not sell to third party ticket vendors i.e. StubHub. If you are buying tickets from someone, feel free to give us a call to confirm that they do indeed have tickets to sell. Our website, is the only way we sell our tickets unless a band is selling fan pre-sales through their own website.